Pátzcuaro Vacations
EcoMexico, Sustainable Travel in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México
The Lake Pátzcuaro Region is rich with historical,
cultural and natural wonders, which is why we recommend at least a few
nights stay (here are some
suggested itineraries).  From artisan villages
specializing in ceramics, mask-making, wood-carving and textiles; to hikes
up to dormant volcanoes and Purepecha ruins, you can explore the region
guided or unguided, by car or by bus, any time of the year.
Artisan Villages
mask-making, ceramics, wood-carving, copper,
reed weaving, sombrero making, embroidery
Natural Wonders
Historical Sites
ruins, churches, plazas, museums
Wellness and Healing
yoga, pilates, massage, meditation
Regularly Scheduled Events and Classes

Guided Tours: Guided trips to Artisan Villages, Lake
Zirahuen, Volcan Paricutin, Tzintzuntzan and more

Spanish Classes at CELEP: Private and group
Spanish lessons in Patzcuaro

Intercambio Cafe:  Weekly informal and Free
Language Exchange in Patzcuaro

Women's English Speaking Breakfast: Monthly
breakfast and activities for English-speakers