Lake Pátzcuaro is surrounded by Purepecha (Tarasca) Indian Villages, many of which have their own
specialty artisan craft.  Our non-profit - Puebos Purepechas - is dedicated to promoting and preserving these beautiful
traditions and enabling artisans to continue their work.  Please support artisans by going to their towns and buying direct.  
And please inquire about guided tours as most artisans do not speak any English.
Tocuaro - Mask Making
Jaracuaro - Sombrero Making
Ihuatzio and Puacuaro -
Reed Weaving
Tzintzuntzan, Capula, Santa Fe de la
San Jose de Gracia,
Patamban - Ceramics
Cuanajo - Wood Furniture,
Ocumicho - Wood & Ceramic Diablos
Santa Clara del Cobre - Copper
Purepecha Women in Puacuaro, Traditional Dance, Ofretas, Tule, Juspata, Weaving, Lake Patzcuaro Artisan Villages
Felipe Horta, Traditional Mexican Mask-making, Tocuaro, Lake Patzcuaro Villages
Manuel Morales, Tzintzuntzan, Ceramics, Pottery
Paracho - Guitar Making
Purepecha Girl in Jaracuaro Making Sombreros
Cocucho - Pottery
Ocumicho, Diablos
Pueblos Purepechas - a collaboration of artisan communities