Branham leads 45-miute trolley tours in English weekdays at 4pm
and weekends at 11am and 4pm.   Trolleys leave across the street
from the Basilica at the 'Tranvia de Patzcuaro' store. Tickets are
$45 pesos for adults and $35 pesos for children and seniors. For
more information visit the
Pequeno Tranvia site.  Email to reserve.
Patzcuaro Mountain Biking
Patzcuaro Biking Tour
Patzcuaro Mountain Biking
Trolley, Walking and Bicycle Tours of Patzcuaro
Patzcuaro Walking Tour
Patzcuaro Trolley Tour
Branham Snyder was born in the US, but has lived in Mexico since he was 4 years old.  Completely
bilingual, and interested in helping English speaking tourists get the most out of their trip to
Patzcuaro, Branham is offering guided tours of the region - by foot, by trolley or by bike.
Patzcuaro Walking Tour
Patzcuaro Trolley Tour
Branham also leads private and group walking tours of downtown
Patzcuaro, including the churches, plazas, cultural centers, museums
and shops.  Tours can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, all
depending on what places you would like to see and how much time you
have.  Tours are made to fit your preference.
If you prefer to see Patzcuaro by bike, Branham leads private and group
bicycle tours of Patzcuaro, highlighting different sites depending on your
interest.  Tours can be customized to last anywhere from 30 minutes to a
good 2 or more hours of fun riding.  (Bikes are not provided).
If you're a mountainbiker (or just someone who likes a
leisurely ride in the hills) and want to get out into nature,
Branham also offers trail rides in and around Patzcuaro,
including rides on Cerro Blanco and El Estribo Grande. All
levels of experience and ages are welcome. (Bikes are
not provided).
For more information
or call Branham on his cell phone 434-104-1617.