Capula is a 35 minute drive from Pátzcuaro, about half-way between Quiroga and Morelia along Highway 15.  
Famous for its ceramics, Capula is an excellent place to shop directly from local artisan workshops for catrinas (clay
skeleton figurines), pots, tiles, decorative plates and more.

From Pátzcuaro, travel along the road to Morelia for about 20 minutes, until you see a sign for “Correo” along with a
PEMEX on your left.  Make this left (it dips back a bit) and take this road for about 10 minutes until it dead-ends.  
Make a right towards Morelia (not a left towards Quiroga) and about 5 minutes later make a left at the sign for
Capula.  Once you’re in town you will easily find many workshops and stores. You can also continue straight
towards Morelia at the sign for Capula and you will find more shops and workshops right along-side the highway.
One block farther down Vasco de Quiroga,
make a left, and on your right is
’s ceramics shop with lovely  hand-
painted pots, plats and vases.   
The road into town curves
through some wooden
stands and then turns to the
right onto the main street,
Vasco de Quiroga.  At that
very first corner, across the
street from a large
(cheesey) artisan market is
a beautiful workshop and
store run by
and Marina
called Xhenhuaro.
They don’t allow pictures,
so seeing is believing that
these catrinas are the most
beautiful in town and run
between $20 and $40
dollars each.  They can be
reached at
443-304-0991 or
Vasco de Quiroga #315.
Laureano Martinez, Capula, Catrinas
Rogelio Martinez, Ceramics, Capula
Rogelio Martinez, Ceramics, Capula
Continuing back on Vasco de Quiroga, you will
find the
main church on your right and the
plaza on your left.
Church, Capula
Continue a few more blocks until you reach
Epitacio Huerta, where there is a small and
simple store called
Artisanias Lupita.  Make a
left onto Epitacio Huerta and about ½-block
down on your right are adjoining
El Prendimiento and La
owned and operated by father Jose
Luis Martinez
and son Rubén Martinez.  They
make beautiful plates and lamps as well as pots
and other ceramics.  They can be reached via
cell phone at
Ruben Martinez, Ceramica, Capula
Continue a few more blocks, over a small bridge
and up a small hill until you reach
, the beautiful Talavera tile workshop in
front of the cemetery run by
Celina Ojeda.  
Celina can make just about any tile you want for
just a few pesos per tile.  She can be reached
via cell phone at
443-330-1621 or
Although the famous master catrina maker's
(Juan Torres) workshop is just around the
corner from Celina's (turn right at the cemetery,
his is the property with the large wooden doors,
Santos Degollado #1), we enjoyed heading out
of town, making a left towards Morelia and going
Catrinas Maximiliano along the highway
where Max and his wife were thrilled to give us
a little lesson.  
To set up a class, or make an
appointment, call
Pueblos Purepechas - a collaboration of artisan communities