Pátzcuaro Vacations
EcoMexico, Sustainable Travel
Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México
The best food in Patzcuaro isn't in the restaurants.  It's on the street, in the market or in
the comfort of your own home with a
local chef.  Although many tourists are afraid of street food in Mexico, we
encourage you (beg you!) to be adventurous and taste the real thing.  

Some things you can do to make your authentic dining experiences safe include: eat only freshly cut (skinless)
fruit and vegetables from vendors that have long lines and obvious popularity (don't eat salsa or cut fruit that's
been sitting out in the sun), only eat meat and chicken and fish that is hot and cooked before your very eyes,
and try to eat close to opening time so you get the freshest ingredients.  If you buy fruits and veggies to cook at
home, wash them thoroughly and soak them in water and "microdyn" to purify.

If this still scares you, contact our favorite
chef Rita and have her come and cook you traditional food in your
home.  If you're game, here are our favorites:
Patzcuro tamales are a must taste and there are over 25 different types, including corundas (pyramid-
shaped corn tamales with cheese or meat filling), uchepos (fresh corn), integral (multi-grain flour), harina
(white flour), and zarzamora (blackberry).  Most days you can find women selling tamales (and hand-made
blue and white corn tortillas) out of a basket. More picturesque is in front of the Basilica are a variety of
vendors that sell tamales, fresh juice and coffee and atole (corn-based drink with a cinnamon or chocolate

Nieve (ice cream) is also a must taste.  One whole side of the Plaza has about 3-4 different nieve
stands with milk-based and water-based nieve.  All water used is purified and completely safe. My favorite
flavors are pino (pine nut), cafe (coffee) and coco (coconut).

For the more adventurous, head to the Plaza Chica and explore.  There is a very popular
stand at the corner of La Plaza Chica in front of the library.  You’ll notice it because there’s a big
crowd hanging around.  In the evenings, along Iturbe street on La Plaza Chica there are a bunch of good and
Enchiladas Placeras (Plaza Enchiladas) that serve very large very tasty portions.