Pátzcuaro Vacations
EcoMexico, Sustainable Travel in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México
Cerro Blanco:  Just a 10-minute walk from the
Plaza Grande, this mountain has hundreds of paths
for short walks or long-hikes, even mountain biking.
Start off at either the Plaza Grande or the Plaza Chica and
head north along Dr. Cos (which becomes Ahumada).  
Walk over a small bridge but rather than bearing left (which
takes you to Avenida Lazaro Cardenas), bear right and
head up hill along a street called Erendira.  Take Erendira
until it dead-ends at
La Quinta Margarita and walk
clock-wise around the back La Quinta along a dirt path as it
curves around to the left and enters the base of the
mountain.  From this point there are a number of up and
back and loop hikes.  We recommend taking your time and
exploring and bringing plenty of water and snacks.
El Estribo Grande: This "urban" hike quickly
becomes a beautiful nature walk the most
picturesque look-out in the region (1.5-2 hours
round-trip, 2.5-3 hours with stairs).  
Start off at the Plaza Grande and head west along Ponce
de Leon, past the Plaza San Francisco and towards the
Libramiento.  Go straight along Ponce de Leon (the name
will change to Teran and then Paseo all within 10 minutes),
crossing the Libramiento and continuing straight.  Head up
the hill, baring right at the Calvario Church and continuing
up.  About 45-60 minutes into your journey, the road will
flatten and you will reach a tranquil gazebo.  Enjoy!  And, if
you still have the energy, walk up the approximately 400
stairs, bear right, and continue bearing right along a small
path that will bring you back to the cobblestone road.
Gazebo at the top of El Estribo Grande
Top of Cerro Blanco
Hike up cobblestone road to El Estribo Grande
Stairs to El Estribo Grande
Pátzcuaro has a number of beautiful hikes that start from the center of town
and end up on top of mountains overlooking the Lake.
Flower on Cerro Blanco
Landscape Cerro Blanco