Ihuatzio is just 30 minutes from Pátzcuaro.   Driving counter-clockwise around the Lake towards Quiroga,
make a left-hand turn at the sign to Ihuatzio and Cucuchucho.  Ihuatzio, meaning "place of the coyote" in
Purepecha, is famous for its ruins as well as its tule and chuspata (reeds from the lake, round and flat
respectively) weaving in the area.   

Mario Lopez's shop is right along the road between Ihuatzio and Cucuchocho, past the bull ring.  He has some of
the finest/highest-end reed weaving in the area.  He can be reached at tzumindi@gmail.com or 434-344-0779.  

We recommend touring the ruins of Ihuatzio with local tri-lingual (English, Spanish and Purepecha) guide Arminda
Flores.  She does a lovely hike from her B&B to the ruins and back and is a wealth of information.  Arminda can
be reached at tzipijo@ml.com.mx or 434-344-0880.
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