El Malpais de Arocutin
El Malpais de Arocutin was formed around the year 1460 when two twin volcanoes - "los cerros cuates" - erupted,
covering about 12 square miles with lava. Today it is a beautiful and pristine forest containing approximately 80% of
the plant species found in the Lake Pátzcuaro region.  Because of its rich volcanic soil, diversity of altitudes and
latitudes, and numerous micro-climates, you can find an incredible array of vegetation in close proximity, including
cactus next to ferns, and orchids growing on live oaks.  

To get there from Pátzcuaro, head clock-wise around the Lake towards Erongaricuaro, passing Arocutin and
Jaracuaro, and turning left up a steep dirt path before you pass the German Restaurant (Campestre Aleman).   Paths
are not well marked, so we encourage you to
hire a guide.
Francis Rodriguez is a local guide with over
20 years experience hiking and exploring El
Malpais. Born and raised in the US, Francis
and her Mexican husband Rodolfo raised
their two children right outside of
El Malpais, and have learned
about medicinal plants and
folklore from their

Francis can customize
a trip to El Malpais to suit
your group, your interests,
and your hiking abilities.
Children are welcome!
El Malpais de Arocutin
Tower Rock, El Malpais de Arocutin
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