Ocumicho is about 2 hours from Pátzcuaro near Cocucho.  Though the town appears unassuming, behind most
doors are amazing workshops making ceramic and wooden hand-painted "diablo" (devil) figurines.  From a re-enactment of
the last supper with mermaids easting lobster, to devils sitting around playing cards, to wild figurines garnished with horns
and long tongues, the whimsical art of Ocumicho is truly amazing.  Feel free to explore on your own or
hire a guide.  
Tomasa Gonzalez and Rutilio Pascual
Apolonia Marcelo's daughter
As you drive into town, many artisans
will approach you asking you to come
and see their work.  We were lucky
enough to be treated to a feast of
homemade tortillas and fresh eggs and
salsa in addition to amazing art by
Apolonia Marcelo (01-423-519-9077;
Obregon #87).  Plus, Tomasa Gonzalez
and Rutilio Pascual (01-423-519-9250;
Emiliano Zapata # 15) invited us into
their modest workshop/home, revealing
beautiful masks and figurines made of
wood and ceramics.
Flying Dragon Devils
Devil masks and Figurines
Diablos over Cars driven by Diablos
Ocumicho, Diablos
Ocumicho, Diablos
Ocumicho, Diablos
Ocumicho, Diablos
Wooden masks of Devils
Ocumicho, Diablos
Ocumicho, Diablos
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