Pátzcuaro Vacations
EcoMexico, Sustainable Travel in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México
The Lake Pátzcuaro Region has enough to
experience and explore for decades.  But assuming you only have a few
days or even a week to explore, here are our suggested and somewhat off
the beaten track itineraries; or make up your own from
our list of activities:
Three Day Trip
DAY 1 - breakfast at Mansion de los Sueños;
Guided or Unguided Tour of downtown
Pátzcuaro and the market;  late lunch/comida at
Mama Lupe's on Benito Mendoza; afternoon nap;
snacks, drinks and live music at
El Viejo Gaucho
DAY 2 - breakfast (corundas and atole) in front of
the Basilica; artisan village tour (
Jaracuaro and Puacuaro); late lunch/comida at
Casa Grande in Opongio; optional late afternoon
boat-ride to Janitzio (hike up the tower, drinks at
the dock); snacks/dessert at La Surtidora on the
Plaza Grande
DAY 3 - light breakfast of coffee and pastries on
the street; tour of
Tzintzuntzan to see the ruins, the
churches and the
ceramics; late lunch/comida at El
Camino Real behind the Pemex on the way to
Morelia; afternoon shopping in town; snack of corn
on the cob and/or ice cream on the Plaza
Five Day Trip
DAY 1 - same as Day 1 on the 3-day trip
DAY 2 - same as Day 2 on the 3-day trip
DAY 3 - early morning hike (or drive) up El
Estribo Grande or Cerro Blanco; light breakfast of
licuados (smoothies) or energéticas (cut fruit with
yogurt) at the market near the Plaza Chica;
Guided or unguided trip to Santa Clara del Cobre
to see the Copper Museum and some shops; late
lunch/comida at El Camino Real in Santa Clara;
afternoon nap; snacks/dessert/live music at Cha
Cha Cha or Mistongo
DAY 4 - if it's a weekend head on a guided or
unguided to
Lake Zirahuen for a day of boat
rides, kayaking and enjoying nature (comida at La
Troje de Ala); if it's a weekday head to
(comida at Campestre Aleman) or Volcan
Paricutin (comida of blue corn tortilla quesadillas)
DAY 5 - same as Day 3 on the 3-day trip
Spanish Classes at CELEP
Seven Day Trip
DAY 1 - same as Day 1 on the 3-day trip
DAY 2 - same as Day 2 on the 3-day trip
DAY 3 - same as Day 3 on the 5-day trip
DAY 4 - light breakfast of coffee and pastries;
guided trip or hike to the ruins of Ihuatzio; late
lunch/comida at Mariscos La Güera; post-comida
walk through Pátzcuaro; early night
DAY 5 - same as Day 4 on the 5-day trip
DAY 6 - breakfast at the Gran Hotel; Guided or
unguided tour of
Capula and Cuanajo with a light
lunch in between; dinner at El Primer Piso or La
Puerta Roja
DAY 7 - same as Day 3 of the 3-day trip
** Guided tours usually cost $20 USD/hour for up to 4 people
and include a bilingual guide and transportation. Please contact
Michelle directly to cater a trip that's perfect for you.