Quiroga, named after Don Vasco Quiroga, is just 25 minutes from Patzcuaro and is famous for its beautiful churches
and immense market.  Take the road counter-clockwise around the Lake in the direction of
Tzintzuntzan.  Quiroga is the
town right after Tzintzuntzan.  Although very few of the crafts sold in Quiroga are made in Quiroga, just about all of them are
from the state of Michoacan.  We recommend Quiroga for a one-stop shop for low-cost shopping.  Feel free to explore on
your own or
hire a guide.  Here are some pictures:
Dolls made of corn husks
Hand-woven scarves
Hand-painted wooden bowls
Plaza de Quiroga
Rey es el Rey restaurant on the Plaza
Hand-painted mural on ceiling of Church
Pueblos Purepechas - a collaboration of artisan communities