Pátzcuaro Property
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Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México
Remodeling Your Home in Mexico, Patzcuaro Property
Vacation Rentals, Patzcuaro, Mexico
There are a variety of homes for short-term and long-term rentals in Patzcuaro, Zirahuen and Corazon de
Durazno.  And there are also a wide range of homes for sale - from vacant lots, to fixer-uppers, to newly
constructed dream homes.  We recommend meeting with a variety of real estate companies to see what
they're offering.  We also recommend
hiring your own attorney to represent your interests during the closing
and connecting with a
property management and/or vacation rental company to care for your house when
you're out of town.
House  for Sale in Patzcuaro
New: House for Sale
Real Estate
Colonial Home for Sale
3 bdr/3 bth, 2 patios
Downtown Patzcuaro
 Fantastic Location
 for a New Business

    Over 3,000 ft2
    under $55,000

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