Remodeled Colonial Home for Sale in Patzcuaro
3-bedroom/3-bathroom fully furnished 3000 ft2 home in the center of Patzcuaro
Asking Price:
$199,000 USD

Because the house has been recently renovated, is fully
furnished, has a completely equipped kitchen, and is located
in the heart of Patzcuaro, it is very easy to rent.   The house is
so all on one level so it's fine for those who can't do stairs.  
We have employed a wonderful local manager and a
housekeeper/gardener for over 6 years and have had no
problem renting the house out, especially to US and Canadian
 We have been able to cover all of our expenses via
short and long term rentals and are confident that you will,
too.  We are happy to assist you in setting up a series of
Internet ads so you can promote the house yourself and/or
introducing you to a local booking agent that can manage
everything for you.

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Patzcuaro House for Sale
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