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Patzcuaro Tours has English speaking local tour
guides experienced and knowledgeable about
Patzcuaro and the Lake Patzcuaro Villages, as well
as bilingual professional drivers to make your
vacation in Michoacan comfortable and enjoyable.
Artisan Village Tour 1: approx. 9:30am-4:00pm
•        Pátzcuaro – Textiles, handmade and dyed tablecloths   
      and bedspreads
  TocuaroMask-making, hand-carved and painted
      wooden masks
Jaracuaro – Sombrero-making, hand designed and
       stitched hats
•        Lunch in Opongio at Casa Grande

Artisan Village Tour 2: approx. 9:30am-4:00pm
•        Capula – Ceramics, catrinas (skeleton figurines),         
      plates and talavera tiles
Quiroga – Wooden crafts, hand-carved fine art and
•        Lunch in Quiroga at the famous Carnitas el Rey

Artisan Village Tour 3: approx. 9:30am-4:00pm
•        Tzintzuntzan – Ceramics, high-fire innovative lead-
      free clay
•        Tzurumutaro – Traditional painted wood decorations
      and furniture
•        Lunch at Camino Real in the outskirts Pátzcuaro
A project of Pueblos Purepechas, a local non-profit
organization, the cost of an artisan group tour (min
of 2 people) is $350 pesos/person and all other
tours are $500 pesos/person.  Special Day of the
Dead Tours are $500 pesos/person.
Pueblos Purepechas - a collaboration of artisan communities
EcoAdventure Tour to Zirahuen: 9:30am-4:00pm
•        Lake Zirahuen – Tranquil boat ride across the pristine
lake to the locally run eco-adventure park
•        Optional zip line, mountain biking, kayaking and more
•        Lunch on the porch of the famous Troje de Ala

Paricutin Volcano Tour: approx. 9:00am-5:00pm
•       3-mile hike along the lava flow to and from the ruins of
San Juan Church
•        Optional horseback ride/hike to the top of
Volcan Paricutin
•        Lunch of and-made blue corn quesadillas

Monarch Butterfly Tour: approx, 7:00am-7:00pm
•       3-mile hike to and from the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary
•       Optional horseback ride
•       Lunch in the town of Angangueo

Choose your own adventure Tour
•       Contact Us to design your own tour including trips to
Santa Clara,
Ocumicho, Cocucho, Paracho, Patamban
San Jose de Gracia as well as Malpais.
•      We also have biking, mountain biking and trolley tours.