Tzintzuntzan is just 15-20 minutes from Pátzcuaro.   Tzintzuntzan is famous for its amazing pottery, which they
have been doing for centuries.  There are many people that do incredible work in town and we hope to add more information
soon.  Meanwhile, we recommend visiting
Manuel Morales' shop and that of his son.   As well as the shop of Angelica
Morales Gomez
and her husband Roberto Cruz.  Driving counter-clockwise around the Lake, follow the signs to Quiroga.  
As you enter Tzintzuntzan the entrance to the ruins (Las Yucatas) will be on your right, and the cemetery will be on your left.  
Past the cemetery (but before the town Plaza), you will see a small parking lot/artisan market on your left.  

To reach Manuel: Walk through the market on your left into the beautiful olive-tree lined courtyard in front of the
Ex-Convento de San Francisco.  Head to the back right corner of the courtyard, through a wooden entrance and into a
smaller courtyard/open chapel (Capilla Abierta).  Manuel's shop is the far right hand-corner of this courtyard with a sign that
says, "Ceramica Tzintzuntzan."   Feel free to explore on your own or call Manuel on his cell (443-394-8167).  

To reach Angelica and Roberto: Make a right at the small parking lot and head down the row of shops. Their store is on
your left.  You can contact them via email,, by cell (443-318-7947).  

Or you can
hire a guide.
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Angelica Morales Gomez Tzintzintzan Ceramica